The Fluvanna County High School wrestling team hosted a match Jan. 20 involving nine wrestling squads at the Fluvanna High gym. In addition to the Fluco squad, teams came from William Fleming High, Clover Hill, Colonial Heights, Fort Defiance, the Covenant School, Madison County, and the Huguenot School. The final team of the nine competing teams was a bandit squad consisting of wrestlers from various schools, who were not their teams’ first wrestler in a weight class.

The event was held to benefit Billy Wensel, a long-time Fluvanna County resident, wrestler and wrestling coach, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

William Fleming High won the meet, with the Fluco squad finishing sixth. The Fluco squad is young with limited experience, said Coach Michael Gore; however, “they came together and continue to grow as a team and as individual wrestlers.” Gore thought that his team did well in this match in light of the fact that he was only able to field competitors in seven of 14 weight classes. Most teams are not able to field 14 wrestlers, but seven holes in the lineup is a big disadvantage. “Our wrestlers wrestled hard and competed well [but] the holes in the lineup cost valuable team points,” said Gore.

Gore said that Wensel and his family attended and enjoyed the tournament. Fluvanna High hopes that the tournament will continue to grow in future seasons, with more teams signing up to compete.